Incident Reporting

Stop waiting for staff to find an incident report form, complete it and get it back to you

Accessible from anywhere, on any device.

With Clipboard, staff can report incidents the moment they happen wherever they are from their mobile device.

Completely customisable.

Every school has different requirements when it comes to reporting incidents. To make sure you uphold your duty of care in the format used by your school, the Clipboard Incident Reporting form is completely customisable.

View all incidents.

See a historical view of all the incidents that have occurred at your school.

You can also export injuries to Excel or PDF format, allowing you to file the incident or distribute details with others.

Be instantly notified.

As soon as an injury is reported, the relevant manager will automatically be notified. We also allow you to add other ‘Incident Contacts’ to be emailed, such as the Head of Sport, the clinic, or the boarding house.

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